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You will spend most of your time in Dransik training various skills either in combat or through trade skills. There are dozens of skills to train. As you gain levels in your skill you become better at it, and can fight more powerful monsters or craft more complicated items. Press S or F to see your currently known skills.

To begin training a new skill you just have to figure out what will give you experience for it. For example, I start on Silvest as a Blacksmith. First I go to the mountains and use my pick axe on a big piece of rock. My skill in "Digging" is going up! Once I collect enough iron ore from digging on the mountain, I return to town to smelt it in the forge. Now my skill in smelting is going up! I am halfway to level 2 now. Once I have enough iron, I can use my blacksmith hammer on the iron in the blacksmith's shop and forge a new weapon! My skill in Forging has risen a few levels and now my player is level 2!

With my newly forged sword I venture into the Wine Cellar for Anna Bell to kill some rats. Each time I hit the rat I notice my skill in Short Blades is rising. In between battles I use bandages on myself to heal my wounds...now my skill in Bandages is increasing!

Here's a list of skills that you can train in Dransik and how to start training them:

Skill Class Skill Training Method Results
Agriculture Foraging Use foraging stick on flowers Seeds
Planting Dig holes with a shovel on farm land and use seeds on the hole Plants
Harvesting Use scythe on wheat and sugar plants you have grown Unmilled grain
Blacksmithing Forging Use a blacksmith hammer on ingots (must be near anvil ) Various weapons, armor, and implements
Combat Archery Fight monsters (or other players) with bows/thrown weapons --
Axes Fight monsters (or other players) with axes --
Blunt Weapons Fight monsters (or other players) with blunt weapons --
Large Blades Fight monsters (or other players) with large blade weapons --
Mage Weapons Fight monsters (or other players) with mage weapons --
Polearms Fight monsters (or other players) with polearm weapons --
Small Blades Fight monsters (or other players) with small blade weapons --
Cooking Cooking (Bread) Use uncooked baked goods like bread dough on an oven Bread
Mixing** Use ingredients on a bowl ; use spoon on the bowl Uncooked baked goods, like bread dough
Cooking Roasting Use raw meat fish or food on oven Cooked meat that you can eat
Fishing Casting Use a fishing pole on a body of water Fish that you can cook
Healing Bandages Use a bandage on yourself Gain hit points
Poison Use a bandage on yourself when poisoned Cure yourself of poison
Disease Use a bandage on yourself when diseased Cure yourself of disease
Mining Digging Use a pick axe on mountains Various ores, such as iron ore
Smelting* Use ores on a forge An ingot
Woodworking Lumberjacking Use Lumberjack axe on big trees Logs
Milling Use a saw on logs Planks
Carpentry Use carpenter's tools on planks Various tools, weapons

*There are sub-skills within smelting and forging for each type of metal: Gold, Iron, Tundrite, Brimidian, Dark Iron, and Thrallenite
**Recipes can be found in books throughout the world or by experimentation. Bread Recipe: 1 cup flour, 1 cup water (optional: 1 helping of pecans/grapes/cherries/bananas/cinnamon)
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