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Items are a source of power and wealth in Dransik. You can trade them, equip them, and use them to help you adventure through the world and battle with other players. Items can be weapons, armor, food, gold, or resources.

Monster Drops Monster Drops
Monsters and other creatures you kill will drop items, resources, or gold. Sometimes monsters have a chance to drop a special or powerful item. Collect everything you find from monsters. Chances are you'll be able to use it somewhere.
Crafting Crafting
There are several skills in Dransik that let you make various items like tools, weapons, armor, and or process raw resources into useful products. For example, you can dig for ores that you then smelt into ingots which can be forged into armor and other useful tools. Once you have the necessary items it is very easy and less expensive to make your own items.
Trade Trading
Trading with other players is a great way to gain items that you might not be able to obtain. Almost everything can be traded in Dransik. To start a trade, you must be standing near a table. Click on the table, then click on the player you want to trade with. They must also be near a table. Click your items in the trade window to add to the trade, then press the check mark when you're ready.
Storage Storing
No doubt you'll obtain many valuable items, resources and gold during your adventures in Dransik. You are limited to how much you can carry at any time (determined by your level in Strength). Eventually you'll need somewhere to store it where it will be safe from everyone but you. In addition to your backpack, every player gets a bank where they can store their items. Banks are located in every town. Just talk to a banker to see your personal bank. Drag and drop your items into the bank. Items that are similar can often be stacked onto one another unless it's a very big item. You can also purchase or make containers such as crates and bags.
Using and Equipping Using and Equipping
To use any item, double click it. Double clicking an equippable item like weapons or armor will equip it to your character immediately. If you are unable to equip that item you will be told why. When you select an item that can be used your cursor will change to a green target. A yellow target indicates you are hovering over an object, though you may not be able to use it there.
Identifying Identifying
You can identify items, objects in the world, and people by pressing pressing CTRL + Left Click (if you have that option turned off, a single click will tell you). If there is more than one thing in a stack, it will tell how many total are in the stack.
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