Welcome to the official website of Dransik!

Welcome to Dransik! Need a little help getting started? This guide will walk you through the first few minutes of the game. Check out other sections of the website and the Game Guide for more detailed information about the game and community.

Set-up and Installation
You only need two things to play Dransik: an Account and the Pixel Mine Launcher. This launcher supports Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, and Vista. Dransik system requirements can be found here.

You don't even have to fill out your account info if you want, but we'd sure appreciate it! You'll need to do that if you want to participate on the forums or use the Pixel Mine store.

Please note this when running Dransik for the first time: Your account can only be used on two computers. These are called locks. You have the options to purchase additional locks for your account in our Store.

Creating Your Character
Each account can have up to 4 characters. Once you create a character you must wait 7 days before deleting it.

  1. First, give your hero a name! Make sure it doesn't violate the RoC or EULA.
  2. Next pick a race and gender. Each race has special bonuses (gender does not):
    Race Bonus
    Human MaleHuman Female Humans +20 Farming/Cooking skill, small bonus to INT
    Brimlock MaleBrimlock Female Brimlocks +20 Mining/Smelting/Forging skill
    Dark Elf MaleDark Elf Female Dark Elves Bonus to INT
    Komdoan MaleKomdoan Female Komdoans +20 Polearm skill, small bonus to CON
    Orc MaleOrc Female Orcs Bonus to CON
    Gnoll MaleGnoll Female Gnolls +10 Large Blades/Short Blades skill, small bonus to STR
    Elf MaleElf Female Elves +10 Bow skill, medium bonus to DEX
    Tundrian MaleTundrian Female Tundrians +10 Axe skill, medium bonus to STR
  3. You must also pick a profession: Warrior, Cook, Blacksmith, Farmer. Your profession won't impact your abilities, however, Warriors start at level 0 instead of 1, giving them two extra orbs. Profession choice will determine which basic equipment you receive. For example, cooks recieve items like a mixing bowl and spoon. Eventually you will be able to buy or craft all beginner items.
  4. Last is your attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution). Your attribute level will determine how well you can perform with certain weapons, how successful you are at trade skills, and sometimes which items you can equip. For instance, Dexterity helps with bow attacks and Strength helps with mining. Read more about attributes and orbs.

Basic Controls
Dransik requires a keyboard and mouse to play. Most interaction is done with the left click. NOTE: Key setup will change when switching between WASD and Arrow Key Configurations. The cursor will change when you are in attack mode and when using an item. For a list of commands in game, press F1.
Arrow Key Configuration WASD Configuration
Open Options ESC -- --
Player Movement Arrow Keys / Right Click WASD / Right Click
Move items Left Click + Drag -- --
Use items Double Click (Left Click) -- --
Chat T to open chat window
ENTER to send message
-- --
Attack Mode Toggle A Q
Skills S F
Store E -- --
Help F1 -- --
Turn on Combat Text F2 -- --

Exploring Silvest
All new players start in the town of Silvest. You'll start in a great hall where Kristanna where will answer your questions. Click on books to read about the world (right click to close the book).

You can leave Silvest once you are level 4 and must leave at level 5 (or you will not level up). Gain experience and level up by completing quests, killing monsters in the wilderness, and by honing your skills in one of the several skills.

Need some help? We're here to answer your questions and help you with any problems you may have with accounts, billing/payment, the launcher, or game. Contact us with a support ticket or an email.

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