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One of the great things about an MMORPG is being able to interact with other players. There are several ways to meet people in Dransik.

First, adventure around the world and see who you meet! Players have names over their head like NPCs. If you right click them you can see what equipment they're wearing and know that they're a person and not an NPC. To talk to other players in game, first press T. This opens your chat box. Next, type your message. Press ENTER to send it. There are only 2 chat channels in Dransik: Normal Chat and Whisper Chat. Press TAB to switch between these two channels or press the W or C button in the chat box. Players on your screen can hear normal chat (grey). Players next to you can hear whisper chat (purple). You can trade with other players and adventure with them. Sometimes having an extra hand can make adventuring much more easy (and fun!).

Sometimes you will see players who have a four letter tag to the left of their name in a different color. This is their guild. You can see the guild's name by clicking on that person. Guilds enjoy unique advantages and can be extremely helpful. To form your own guild you have to complete the guild quest. It is extremely difficult and intended to test the leadership and skill of the group. Ask around on the forums or in game to see if guilds are accepting new members!

The Dransik Forums are an excellent way to find help since there is no global chat in Dransik. You can view the boards without being logged in, however, to post and send messages you must reserve your forum name on the Pixel Mine Secure Site. You must activate your account with a valid email before you can reserve a forum name.

The following Player created web sites contain a wide variety of information about Dransik, however, they may be slightly outdated. If you would like to add a site not listed here, update your web site's listing, or feel that one of the sites has been sorted incorrectly, please email the webmaster.

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